The Institution of Surveyors Victoria (ISV) has existed since 1874.

ISV was founded in 1874 to service the professional needs of surveyors by conducting seminars & workshops, as well as circulating technical and other information through its various publications and journals.

ISV provides input into the educational standards for Surveyors, and into the legislation affecting the activities of Surveyors. It also provides government and the community with the collective professional opinion of the surveying profession.

Visit the Institution of Surveyors Victoria website to learn more.

About The Find a Surveyor Directory

ISV created the Find a Surveyor Directory so that individuals, companies and government representatives could easily find a Surveyor that provides the services they need in their area.

The Directory is also an excellent showcase for our members, and shows the breadth and depth of Surveying expertise within the state of Victoria (you can find out more about being included in the Find a Surveyor Directory on the ‘How To List’ page).

How To Find a Surveyor

There are several ways to find the right Surveyor for you in this Directory -

Surveyors by Region

To find all the Surveyors in your area, click on the region that best describes your area (from the bar at the top of this page) and you will see a list of all the Surveyors in our Directory that service your area.

Surveyors by Expertise

To find the Surveyors in Victoria who offer the type of service you need, use the search box in the top right hand corner of this page. Type in the service name (for example, ‘Cadastral Survey’ or ‘Public Land Survey’) and press enter to see a list of all the Surveyors in the Directory that provide this service.

Surveyors by Name

To find a specific Surveyor who’s name you already know, type their name into the search box in the top right hand corner of this page and press enter. A brief overview will be displayed and when you click on their name you will be shown their complete directory listing.